Pinellas County Trick or Treating Safety Tips


Halloween is a fun time for children and adults alike! Jack-o-lanterns line the doorsteps of neighborhood houses and costumed people parade the streets. There are plenty of fall festivals and local events to check out. Whether you decide to take your little ones to the Tampa River Walk or go door-to-door around your neighborhood, be sure to follow some simple safety guidelines to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe Halloween this year.

Trick-or-Treater Safety Tips

  • Only visit well-lit homes
  • Use sidewalks when going from door to door
  • Always supervise young children and older children should stay in groups
  • Teach children to never approach any vehicle
  • Cross streets at the correct intersection and not between parked cars
  • Look both ways when crossing the street and never assume the right of way
  • Eat store-wrapped treats and not homemade treats
  • Be sure costumes are breathable and are able to be seen through when wearing
  • Children should carry flashlights or glow sticks
  • Bring a cell phone with you to all locations
  • Always read the ingredient list on snacks/treats
  • Be cautious around pets
  • Examine all candy before being eaten
  • Use reflective tape for improved visibility
  • Teach children to never enter inside a stranger’s house

Common trick-or-treat times for Pinellas County are between 5:30-9:00 p.m. For a list of events for both the children and adults to enjoy, visit here. The weather is beginning to cool down and the local forecast is predicting a clear night for Halloween. This year, make sure that safety and having fun are equally important priorities and take advantage of all the fun that this time of year brings to our area!

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